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Plats, Map, and Plans

Spaanem’s Ridge

Mt. Horeb Investment and Development Corp. owns about 5 acres which is being platted as Spaanem’s Ridge. This is a12 lot in-fill development of 9 duplex and 3 single family lots ranging from 10,001 to 23,944 sq. ft. in size on old Mt. Horeb’s northeast side.

There are two discrete areas for development. The first is a cul du sac on the west side of the land which will have 6 lots in it and may be developed for duplex or single family lots.

In the second, on the east side, are 6 lots, 3 on either side of a connection of Michelle Street. 3 will be zoned duplex and 3 single family and again, all may be developed as single family. The easterly side will back to a small local “tot lot” park. The property is currently undeveloped and will be sold in one of three fashions:

  1. We will develop and sell as single lots, or
  2. We will agree to finish either or both parts of the development for a single builder and turn over all lots upon completion of improvements, or
  3. We will sell the land as-is for completion of development by a buyer.

Prices and Availability

Lot No.List PriceZoningStatus
1Call for PricingSingle Fam.Available
2Call for PricingSingle Fam.Available
4Call for PricingSingle Fam.Available
23Call for PricingDuplexAvailable
26Call for PricingMulti FamilyAvailable

Westerly Cul du sac portion (~2.5 acres; 6 lots) in bulk "as is" $150,000
Easterly Michelle Rd. portion (~2.5 acres; 6 lots) in bulk "as is" $150,000
For single lots or purchase post improvement; call for pricing.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Mt. Horeb Investment and Development Corp. is the owner/seller. John DeWitt is a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker and is its President and an owner/principal of the company and is acting on behalf of the company. Mt. Horeb Investment and Development Corp. is selling the land for its own account with the intent to make a profit and neither DeWitt nor the company is providing real estate services to buyers or to others unless and except as mandated by law. All information is deemed accurate but not warranted.