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Single-Family and Duplex Lots in Valle Tell

John DeWitt

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Valle Tell, New Glarus

Valle Tell is an unusual horseshoe shaped development in the beautiful Swiss community of New Glarus. Once the original site of the Willhelm Tell Festival, the site sits in a natural amphitheater nestled into steep hills and old trees, yet offering relatively flat building sites. Around the outside of the development ring the land rises sharply to a large plateau with a post-card perfect view of the village below. The lots inside the ring offer rear exposures and all back up to a small, local park. To the south and on the other side of Elmer Rd. is a larger park we improved and dedicated to the Village.

The outside lots are very large and include ownership of wooded land rising to the plateau. The inside lots are smaller but still generous and back to the smaller local park. The lots are all in the Village proper and fully served by municipal sewer and water. There being no other substantial development around it, Valle Tell has a very private and rural feel. There are now only13 single family and duplex lots remaining with single family lots ranging from 24,224 to 19,597 sq. ft. and duplex lots from 13,421 to 33,103. The duplex lots may be used for single family building as well as duplexes.

Prices and Availability

MLS #AvailabilityLot No.PriceZoning
1769001Available 4$89,900 Duplex
1769003Available5$89,900 Duplex
1769005 Available6$69,900 Single Family
1769026 Available 7 $85,900 Duplex
1769012 Available8 $75,900 Single Family
1769014Available9 $79,900 Single Family
1769028Available18$79,900 Single Family
1769031Available 24 $89,900 Duplex
1769032 Available 25$89,900 Duplex
1769033 Available26$89,900 Duplex
1769036Available40 $89,900 Duplex
1768995 Available41 $89,900 Duplex

“Builders Discount” is $2,000 per lot and available only for direct sales to bona fide builders buying directly without a cooperating real estate agent. Additional discounts available for multi lot sales. Prices may be changed without notice.

Valle Tell, Inc. is a Wisconsin corporation. John DeWitt is a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker and is its President and an owner/principal of the company and is acting on behalf of the company. Valle Tell, Inc. is selling the land for its own account with the intent to make a profit and neither DeWitt nor the company is providing real estate services to buyers or to others unless and except as mandated by law. All information is deemed accurate but not warranted.