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Single Family, Duplex and 4-Unit Lots in Deyoung Farm

John DeWitt

(608) 245-1500

DeYoung Farm, Waterloo, WI

As its name suggests, this 90 acre development was formerly a part of the DeYoung family farm, the remainder of which still continues to operate along a part of its border. The subdivision is approved for 172 lots, 156 single family, and eight each duplex and 4-plex lots. All of the lots are deed restricted to protect your investment.

The first phase consists of 26 single family lots, 7 4-plex and the 8 duplex lots, all along McKay Rd. The subdivision constitutes part of the south border of the City and is laid out adjacent to the Garmen Nature Preserve. It will include a park and walking/bike path to complement the preserve when complete. There are other user friendly amenities such as a large water area bermed for hiking and biking. A number of lots offer rear exposure opportunities and some back to open or conservancy areas.

Waterloo is a small city with a friendly rural feel. It has an award winning school system and is a short commute to other cities nearby including Madison, Watertown and Milwaukee. And it has adjacent to city the wonderfully large 4,000 acre Waterloo Wildlife area.

Prices and Availability

Lot No.AddressZoningPriceSq. Ft.
Lot 1 655 McKay Way Quadplex $99,900 18,178
Lot 2 635 McKay Way Quadplex $99,900 18,750
Lot 3615 McKay WayQuadplex$99,900 18,750
Lot 4605 McKay WayQuadplex$99,900 18,750
Lot 5555 McKay WayQuadplex$99,900 18,750
Lot 6535 McKay WayQuadplex$99,900 18,750
Lot 7 525 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$65,900 12,613
Lot 8515 McKay WaySingle Family LotSOLD11,660
Lot 9495 McKay WaySingle Family LotSOLD10,745
Lot 10475 McKay WaySingle Fam. Spec. Home$234,900 10,625
Lot 11455 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$67,900 10,625
Lot 12435 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$82,900 11,784
Lot 13375 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$82,900 10,074
Lot 14355 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$72,900 10,000
Lot 15335 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$72,900 10,000
Lot 16325 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$72,900 10,000
Lot 17315 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$72,900 10,000
Lot 18305 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$67,900 10,427
Lot 19100 McKay WaySingle Family LotSOLD14,591
Lot 20200 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$62,900 11,031
Lot 21220 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$64,900 11,031
Lot 22240 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$64,900 11,031
Lot 23300 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$64,900 11,031
Lot 24320 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$64,900 11,031
Lot 25340 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$64,900 11,031
Lot 26 360 McKay Way Single Family Lot$61,900 15,195
Lot 27400 McKay WaySingle Family LotSOLD11,871
Lot 28460 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$67,900 11,250
Lot 29480 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$67,900 11,238
Lot 30520 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$62,900 11,891
Lot 31530 McKay WaySingle Family Lot$62,900 11,264
Lot 32540 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 15,514
Lot 33600 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 17,914
Lot 34610 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 15,000
Lot 35620 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 15,000
Lot 36630 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 15,000
Lot 37640 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 15,984
Lot 38650 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 18,305
Lot 39660 McKay WayDuplex$84,900 26,271
Lot 40680 Julia WaySingle Family Lot$59,900 12,752
Lot 41700 McKay WayQuadplex$99,900 28,417

Prices subject to change without notice.

Builders Discount is $2,000 per lot and available only for direct sales to bona fide builders buying directly without a cooperating real estate agent.  Additional discounts are available for multi lot sales.

Waterloo Properties, Inc. is a Wisconsin corporation.  John DeWitt is a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker and is president and an owner/principal of the corporation and is acting on behalf of the corporation.  Waterloo Properties is selling land for its own account with the intent to make a profit and neither DeWitt nor Waterloo Properties is providing real estate services to buyers or to others unless and except as mandated by law.  All information is deemed accurate but not warranted.