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Land Available for Residential, Multi-Family and Commercial Development

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Watertown Land Narrative

Watertown Land Improvement is offering land for building or development in the City of Watertown, Wisconsin. Altogether we have about 36.5 acres available. The land is strategically situated to accommodate commercial or residential development and for the most part is “shovel ready” for the existing zoning.
33.3 acres of the land is located abutting and south of Air Park Drive and along the east side of Gateway Drive. Immediately north on Air Park is the popular Berres Bros. Café. To the west is located the WalMart shopping area and other commercial and retail outlets. A part of the land has already been sold to a Pro Health clinic serving the community while to the south and east is all farm land. This land is currently zoned for a mix of commercial, multifamily and single-family lots. The storm water management facility to serve all of the land was earlier constructed so buyers do not have to worry about sacrificing land or construction costs for stormwater.
South of the 33 acres we have about 3 ¼ acres along Gateway zoned for single family to four-unit development which could accommodate up to 10 or 11 single family home lots, fewer if developed for duplex or 4-units. This land is fully developed with sewer and water available at the street so it is “shovel ready.” Visit the Plats and Plans site for pictures of the property and ideas for subdivision.
The City Comprehensive Plans for all of the property calls for planned development and we envision that the best uses would probably be for some commercial type development and a larger multifamily development in the 33.3 acres and development of the strip along Gateway as zoned. In earlier times we had received tentative approval for up to 110 multifamily units for a portion of the land and expect that more units could be approved with less commercial development.
All of the land has sewer and water already available along the roads so there is much land ready for immediate construction.


33 acres: Call for pricing on sale in bulk or divisions of this land.
Lot 1, CSM 5785: $200,000 or seller will subdivide and sell for $45,000 per lot.
Lot 2, CSM 5785: $240,000 or seller will subdivide and sell for $45,000 per lot.

Watertown Land Improvement, Inc. (“WLI”) is a Wisconsin corporation. John DeWitt is a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker and is president and an owner/principal of the corporation and is acting on behalf of the corporation. WLI is selling land for its own account with the intent to make a profit and neither DeWitt nor WLI is providing real estate services to buyers or to others unless and except as mandated by law. All information is deemed accurate but not warranted.”